Valerio Art Deco has been in business since 1982 Located in the heart of Coral Gables Miami Florida specializing in Art Deco and 20th Century Arts and design including Art glass vases, furniture, bronze and chryselephantine sculptures and accessories from the XXth Century -Art Deco period. The owner, Antonio Amado, is a widely known and respected expert in the field and has been collecting fine French, American, German and Austrian pieces for over thirty years. Waltford Gonzalez, Gallery Director, has over fifteen years of experience with Valerio Art Deco, and together with Juan Luis Pichardo, would be delighted to walk you through this unparalleled collection.

Art glass vases and luminaire artists represented in our inventory are: Galle', R. Lalique, Daum-Nancy, Schneider, Le Verre Francais, Sabino, Degue, Muller, Loetz (Austria), Tiffany (America), as well as many others.

French Art Deco furniture by: Arbus, Brandt, D.I.M., Dominique, Dunand, Follot, Herbst, Jallot, Kiss, Leleu, Montagnac, Portenueve, Subes, and many more.

Bronze and Chryselephantine (bronze and ivory) sculptures by such artists as: D.H. Chiparus, Le Faguays, Colinet, Descomps-Cormier, Guiraud-Riviere, Preiss, and others.

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