Le verre Francais

Designer:Le Verre Francais (Early 20th Century)
Dimensions:22 1/2 inches tall

A beautiful and colorful large vase by Le Verre Francais (Schneider) company, In the patter called Prune, the piece displays a deep red color background over a deep purple and green spotted layer depicting fruits and foliage. Made in France Circa: 1925 Signature: Le Verre Francais Le Verre Francais was a special line of art glass designs made by the Schneider Glassworks in France between 1918 and 1932. The name was used by the Schneiders for 2 or 3-layered cameo glass vases, bowls, ewers, lamps etc. in a style which combined art deco and art nouveau features. This line was first introduced in 1918 and was sold in their own retail gallery in Paris, run by their sister Ernestine. Le Verre Francais glass was also sold through major department stores in Paris and in the USA and Europe and South America and the Caribbean. (excerpt taken from the Glass Encyclopedia)