The area of Art Deco Sculpture of the 1920's and 1930's also illustrates the marked trend in the Art Deco period for geometric forms and stylization as well as the surge of interest in exotic cultures and subjects. Working mainly in bronze, either gilded or patinated, the Art Deco sculptors of the period produced figures of strong mythological or allegorical inspiration, sleek and exotic animals such as gazelles, panthers or borzoi, and focused especially on the female form in a variety of guises such as dancers, clowns, archers and athletic Amazons. Our collection of Art Deco sculptures reflects this thematic variety and includes some of the leading sculptors of the time, such as Demetre Chiparus, Claire-Jeanne Roberte Colinet, Pierre Le Faguays, Marcel-Andre Bouraine, Maurice Guiraud-Riviere, Joe Descombs, etc.

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